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Enjoy free video with Veronica Rayne from Fucked Up Facials! Veronica's alright with getting her cooch screwed, but she wants more than just one cumload splattering on her face. See her craving get satisfied when a bunch of dicks spray their goo right on her kisser! Let Us Spray

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Veronica Rayne came dressed up as a sexy delivery chick thinking that she was going to be the surprise, however, it looks like the guys had a surprise for her - one extremely messy cumshot and facial. It started as just another scene for this porn star. She was showing off her good ass and huge, almost just teasing the camera. However, it’s not long before she goes to work on the first of many cocks that come her direction today. Take a look at pictures of Veronica hard at work. It starts as just a one on one fuck, but it’s not long before Veronica is taking on three cocks. She’s getting gangbanged with one penis pounding in her pussy and two more that want blowjobs from her. If that wasn’t enough, soon a fourth guy steps in and she’s starting to feel a little overwhelmed. They’re fucking her every hole, even her huge boobs. Then one by one, they take turns spraying her with their massive loads of sperm. They must have been saving up their sperm for a while because I’ve never seen facials like this before. Veronica Rayne is a slutty brunette babe with massive plump breasts! The guys over at fucked upFacials ran in to Veronica at a local dive school when Paul went to take some lessons before taking a scuba diving vacation. When Paul first set eyes on plump tittied Veronica he knew that she’d get stunning ratings from the rest of the guys so he convinced her to do a movie with them but only after he got her to flash her massive boobs for him at the scuba class! When Veronica showed up for her shoot the rest of the guys could hardly keep it in their pants and once things started getting down and dirty and Veronica got her tasty boobs and big plump ass covered in slick baby oil the guys were clambering over each other trying to get a piece of her butt! As always Paul got first dibs on her tight pink pussy but he let everyone else get a piece of her butt before the big finale. You wouldn’t believe how good this babe looks with a gallon and a half of sticky warm jizz all over her face! Veronica Rayne happened upon the Fucked Up Facials studios completely by accident one day when she was delivering a box of new video tapes to the guys. Veronica had only been working the route for a week and had yet to meet the guys at the studios so she had no idea what was going on behind closed doors but when she went to get a signature she caught sight of one of the girls doing a video shoot and she smiled just about as wide as she could and asked if she could come inside. The guys gladly let her in and it didn’t take long before Veronica was begging to do a video of her own. Take a look at samples of Veronica in her first time video shoot with the guys at Fucked Up Facials! This big tittied chick stood there in her work shirt with Paul and without prompting she starts unbuttoning her shirt and after releasing those massive titties of her she gets down on the floor and slides Paul’s juicy penis deep down her throat! Paul isn’t about to let her tease him to jizz with her mouth and throwing her back on to the sofa he plows her tight slit! If a gorgeous delivery chick like Veronica turns up at your door, do you think you can send her off without letting her taste your dick first? Thought so. She arrived at the Fucked Up Facials studios and she looked so fucking tasty, our boys just had to have a piece of her big, beautiful butt. And guess what, she was so horny, she simply jiggled her massive titties in our faces then went straight to town! Check out her free photos here from the exclusive Fucked Up Facials galleries. She fucks one of our buddies (the lucky bastard), then after she’s sucked out all his cum, she uses her mouth on our other friends’ boners. You oughta see this bitch suck penis — she’s like a human vacuum cleaner, only much more fuckable! If you wanna see more action from this thick hottie, log on to Fucked Up Facials and get her full video yesterday!

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