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Enjoy free video with Stephanie Cane from Fucked Up Facials! Frank visited the tattoo shop, thinking he could get his dick pierced. I bet 10 dollars he won't go through with it, but don't be surprised if he packs some metal in his meat in a coming episode. Anyways, When he saw Stephanie behind the counter, he decided the piercing could wait since he'd need his dick to fuck her senseless. Trust me, you don't want to go around shooting huge loads with a piece of metal freshly inserted in your dick! Stephanie Cane

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I’ve seen some pretty crazy facials, but this one definitely tops anything else that I’ve ever seen. Check out these very messy photos of Stephanie Kane. She’s the type of nympho where one cock isn’t enough to satisfy her, but she may have gotten more than she bargained before. It starts with her giving a blowjob to one humongous cock, which is quickly joined by three more hard erections that want the attention of her mouth. This slut goes to work on them every way possible. She uses her mouth, she uses her pussy, doing whatever it takes to make her jizz. It’s not long before she has the first load of sperm on her face. However, her job is nowhere near done yet. She has three more cocks to make sperm. Her face is starting to look pretty messy, but it’s nothing compared to the fourth dick that delivers a massive, unbelievable facial to her. Stephanie Kane had heard from one of her girlfriends that she could get paid the big bucks if she agreed to do a kinky photo shoot with the guys from fucked upFacials. Stephanie was in dire need of some cash because her tuition bill was past due so she gave them a call and asked if there was anything she could do to get some quick cash. The guys always love girls who ask if there is anything they can do because they always keep a secret reserve of extra massive cocks for those special girls! Stephanie showed up at the Fucked Up Facials studios in her cute little white jacket and tried to act as though she wasn’t nervous but when the guys showed up on stage her voice started cracking…but that was nothing compared to what she did when she saw the massive cocks the guys had in store for her! Stephanie picked the smallest of the monster cocks to slide between her lips but when it came to getting her tight pink slit fucked she spread her legs for the biggest monster dick of them all! You have to see this tight twat splitting around this huge penis! If you’re in the mood for sticky, messy facials, then you might want to try watching Stephanie’s video at Fucked Up Facials! Her cunt is always wet and ready for a respectable-sized dick, which is what she gets in here. And yes, she definitely gets her quota of yummy jizz! You can see more of Stephanie in her free photo archive from Fucked Up Facials. She sucks and fucks her stud real hard until he creams her pretty face with his goo, but she’s still raring for more sexy action so we call out our other friends to help her out! As you can see, our friend Stephanie here could afford to skip lunch ‘cuz with so much cum for her to drink up, she’ll have a belly full of liquid protein in no time! This bodacious fuckslut spreads her long legs wide open so our stunt cock could pound her pussy to the hilt, then he fucks her face and dumps a huge load of curvy and sticky sperm on her kisser. But by the time he’s done, three of our guys also need to get their rocks off, so they ask Bella to suck their boners as well. Her efforts get rewarded in full when all the boys spray her with enough jizz to cover her face! If you’re curious about how messy this tale gets, then log on to Fucked Up Facials right now to download and watch the full video!

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