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Enjoy free video with Ruby Knox from Fucked Up Facials! Latina Ruby Knox would do anything to make a living in Los Angeles. We met her selling oranges on the street, under the noon sun. In the harsh conditions of the San Fernando Valley (Van Nuys to be exact), she might as well be standing in the middle of a fucking dusty convection oven, with a crust of atmospheric pollutants. That's no proper conditions for a nice little body like hers, so we invited her back to the studio to sooth her face with nice cum... Ruby Knox

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Brunette chick Ruby Knox gets a huge load of cum on her face

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Ruby Knox looks like she’s pretty cute and innocent, but don’t be fooled by this brunette’s adorable works. She’s been around the block a few times, if you know what I’m saying. She’s given more than her share of blowjobs and she’s even taken a few facials, however, she’s never had a facial like this before. Check out these fucked upFacials video samples of Ruby Knox. It started as a pretty average sex scene for Ruby. This black haired nympho was quick to show off her oral skills, wrapping her lips around this lucky stud’s hard dick. She even got her pussy fucked hard for a while too. However, it was back on her knees to finish him off. He told her that she was going to sperm on her face, however she didn’t expect a cumshot this messy. Soon, her face was covered with jizz and then some! She had no idea that one lover could produce so much fucking cum. Ruby Knox is one hot brunette cock slut who just can’t keep her legs closed but lucky for the guys over at fucked upfacials they ran in to her at a strip joint just as she was about to get on stage for coed night and they convinced her that she’d have much more fun back at the studio with them. Ruby wasn’t sure at first but when they offered her some cash to come back with them she wasn’t about to pass up on free money so she hopping in to their truck with them and they headed back to the studio! When Ruby came back to the studio she started to get nervous, she wasn’t sure what she’d got herself in to but she was sure it was going to be embarrassing the next day. Ruby didn’t have too much time to think about it as Paul came over wielding his fat dick in her face and almost like it were an instinct she opened her mouth and started to slurp on his fat throbbing knob! As she sucked his penis she forgot all about being nervous and she even let one of the cameramen peel off her panties to show her tight slit! Ruby Knox is a cutie but you’d never guess that she was such a penis whore when you see her out in public but the guys from Fucked Up Facials knew lots of babes like Ruby and when they saw her while scouting local nightclubs as she was grinding against a total stranger on the dance floor they knew she was the next babe for their vids! Ruby had never heard of the guys before but when they offered her the chance to be famous she didn’t think twice about asking what she’d have to do to get “famous!” The Fucked Up Facials guys grabbed Ruby and took her back to the studios, once Ruby walked in and saw the dildos sitting all over the apartment along with skimpy lingerie and camera’s set up pointing at a sofa she knew what she’d agreed to do. Ruby giggled nervously and asked the guys if they thought she’d really be up for something like that but Paul wasn’t going to give her the chance to back out and sliding his hand down her tight shorts he slid one finger between her pussy lips and she just melted against him and agreed to do anything he wanted if he’d promise to fuck her like a dirty chick! Ruby Knox has shot with the guys over at Fucked Up Facials before so you’d think she’d know what to expect when it came her time to shoot the movie but man did she ever get mad when the end of the movie came! Ruby had dropped in on the guys because she needed a little extra cash and on top of that she really is a dick loving slut who thinks it’s fan-fucking-tastic that she can make a buck by sucking penis. The guys rememebred Ruby and were more than happy to set her up on one of the sets to get some hot videos. Take a look at vids of Ruby in the movie that made her so mad she stormed out of the Fucked Up Facials studios and told them she’d never come back for more again. Ruby starts off sucking off Paul’s penis just like she did the last time and Paul’s really getting in to it, sliding his throbbing dick so far down her throat that she starts to gag but when he’s about to sperm and Ruby tells him to sperm on her tits Paul has an idea of his own. Pulling out Paul sprays the biggest load of cum all over Ruby’s pretty face and open mouth! What you’re looking at is Ruby Knox’s perfect ass getting humped. And after that hot, dripping snatch of hers gets drilled until it’s sore, our guy bathes her in a massive load of hot man-chowder. The bitch gets so much goo, she looks like an Oreo shat in her face! What makes this episode even more satisfying is how sweet and innocent Ruby Knox looks in the first few scenes. When she flashes you that cheeky grin of hers, you wouldn’t think that she’s got a rabid fuck-monster below the belt. But once she gets close to our guy, sparks fly and the slut goes wild! Her mouth and her cunt are so eager to be filled with dickmeat, our lover doesn’t even get to pause between sucking and fucking the tramp. No wonder he was raring to silence her with a major blob of dick-ooze in the end! At first, one would think that Ruby Knox couldn’t take even a piddling li’l weiner in her cute, petite bod. Guess again. This perky babe’s got an insatiable hunger for a serious dicking down that can even leave the most seasoned of sluts out of breath! Watch her take an enormous shlong down her throat and in her juicy fuck-taco — you won’t believe your eyes at how much pussy-riding action this horny tramp can take! If Ruby Knox can ride like a real fucking she-beast in heat, then you just have to see her take her partner’s hot spunk on her pretty face. She doesn’t shy away from the high-powered jet stream of cum that plasters her eyes shut; in fact, she’s raring to go for seconds! Lots of girls don’t like it if a guy cums on their face, but Ruby here loves getting a hot cum dump on her kisser after a amazing, hard fucking. And since she agreed to be our fuck-starlet for today’s episode, she’s gonna get a lot of spunk! As you can see, Ruby can pretty much suck a golf ball through a hose by the way she Hoovers our man’s cock. Not all gals can do this and make it feel stunning, but this slutbag’s such a cock-lover that she can make a seemingly painful blowjob actually feel like heaven! After that, she spreads her pussy wide open so our guy can pump his meat deep into her babymaker and later blow his cream all over her face! At this point we know you’d rather watch the super-sticky ending to this tale, so get your ass into Fucked Up Facials and finish the rest of Tasha’s story! Wanna see more eye-popping cum-splattered scenes? Then get into Fucked Up Facials right away! You’re gonna love this crazy facial episode from Fucked Up Facials! Just remember to sipe your spunk off your computer monitor afterward!

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