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Enjoy free video with Reena Sky from Fucked Up Facials! Little Italian-Latina hottie Reena Sky is very, very curious about bukkake. So one afternoon she went out to the local adult video store, to document herself on the phenomenon. As you can guess, a single woman browsing around rows of porn DVDs is perfect material for our site. We made our move and it was very easy to convince Reena to experience a real deal bukkake instead of just jerking off home to a video. Reena Sky

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Reena Sky is a cute little brunette babe with little perky boobies and huge brown eyes that any guy would kill to have look up at him while she’s sucking his dick! As it happens Reena is a total cum loving whore and there was no trickery involved in getting her back to the fucked upFacials headquarters, she came on to the bald headed camera lover and things sort of progressed from there with this penis whore! The camera man was a bit nervous since he was used to being behind the camera and not on it but it didn’t take long of Reena stroking his penis through his pants for him to agree to appear on camera! Reena was the first to undress, doing a little striptease for the camera lover, flasing her perky little tits before sliding out of her panties and rubbing baby oil all over her juicy round ass! As if oiling up her ass wasn’t enough Reena started bending down in front of the camera man to give him a closeup view of her tasty pink pussy! That was it for the camera lover and stripping in .2 seconds he plunged his fat throbbing dick inside her tight pussy before spooging all over her pretty little face! One penis just isn’t enough for this slut named Renna Sky. In fact, she gets bored giving just two guys blowjobs, so yesterday we hooked her up with three horny studs. She’s given head to two guys at the same time before, but never three. It was like a dream cum true for this smoking hot brunette. Take a look at messy photos of Renna giving head and getting a huge facial. The scene starts with Renna fooling around with her fuck buddy. She was practically ripping off his clothes so that she could get to his penis and put it in her wet mouth. She took his dick in her mouth, then in her tight pussy, but then it got really interesting when two of his friends stopped by. He had it planned all along and soon she was working all three of their cocks. They kept her mouth full and made her gag. Then they covered her with sperm. It wasn’t your average cumshot either, this was the messiest facial that Renna had ever taken. She’ll never forget it! It’s not often that the guys from fucked upFacials go looking for a girl to come and do a photoshoot with them but when they heard that Reena Sky was in town they fell over themselves to invite this dvd pornstar in for a hot fucked up shoot to add to their archive of fucked up girls! Reena didn’t hesitate to take a new chance to show off her body as well as her dvd’s and she agreed to drop in on the guys and do a really messy shoot for them as long as she could show off her dvd’s as well. When Reena showed up she brought along her bodyguard who also doubles as one of her stunt cocks and she demanded that he be allowed to take part in the movie as well but the guys from Pounded Up Facials weren’t about to say no because more cocks equals more sperm and the more sperm the better! As Reena started sucking and fucking her bodyguard she couldn’t help but imagine the amount of sloppy sperm she was about to get slathered all over her pretty little face! When Reena finally got creamed she did enjoy every single minute of it! Reena Sky is an adorable brunette babe who loves to gobble penis like no other chick and when she ran in to Paul from fucked upFacials at her local adult bookstore she made quite the impression. As Reena stood in line at the store with a massive vibrator in hand Paul walked over to her and nudged her asking if she wanted some real penis instead. Reena blushed slightly but didn’t hesitate to say yes. Paul grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the store and in to the van that was waiting outside. Paul always had luck finding babes willing to suck dick at the adult bookstore! Reena showed her real naughty side once she got back to the Fucked up Facials studio and she grabbed on to one of the camera men telling Paul that he was the one she wanted to fuck. Paul smiled and said he was all hers and jumped behind the camera. As the camera started rolling Reena lifted her shirt to flash him her boobies but her showing off that sexy body only lasted as long as she could hold out from slurping down her new fuck buddy’s fat throbbing dick! Reena Sky is a hottie for sure and she knows it! This tight bodied brunette babe is always ready and willing to do something new and crazy in bed to keep her boyfriend happy but when it comes down to it she’s really just a total dick whore who is ready to do anything for penis! When Reena’s boyfriend saw an ad in the paper for the guys over at fucked upFacials he called Reena over to check it out, he knew that she’d love to get her pretty face caught on camera sucking off penis even if it wasn’t his and he didn’t care whose it was as long as it was all caught on cam for his enjoyment! Take a look at sticky video samples of Reena Sky getting totally creamed by the guys over at Fucked Up Facials! Reena starts off by releasing the camera guy’s fat dick and he didn’t waste anytime in slipping it between her lips. He had to admit that Reena knew what she was doing when it came to sucking dick but he also knew that she had no idea what she was in for when he was ready to blow his load all over her pretty little face! Reena Sky is a smoking hot brunette chick who knows her way around penis so well that she’s featured in a few porno videos of her own. Lately Reena hasn’t been shooting for any magazines or anything but when she heard that the guys over at fucked upFacials were looking for someone to come in and shoot a new scene with them she couldn’t help but get nostalgic and drop in on them. When the guys laid eyes on Reena they knew that she was going to blow the screen up and even though she insisted on bringing her boyfriend on set with her things did indeed get smoking hot. Take a look at samples from Reena Sky’s Fucked Up Facials experience, this smoking hot girl starts off just teasing her boyfriends dick but when Paul walks on stage with his throbbing dick hanging out she grabs hold of it and slides it in her mouth while her boyfriend is plowing her tight twat! It doesn’t take long of Reena’s tight slit and warm wet mouth to get both guys to the brink and wouldn’t you know they both blow their load all over her pretty little face! Yeah, Reena Sky here’s simply crazy for dickmeat that she’d gladly suck on three cocks all at once, if she can fit the entire lot into her yapper! But she just doesn’t want to play the skin flute, she also loves riding as many fucksticks as she can. And because she’s such a fucking slut, she eagerly waits for her studs to blow their load right on her face, which is exactly what she does in her special facial video here! First, Reena Sky gets her pussy primed with a hard dicking down from our main man. Then his buddies join in the fun and get her to munch on their raging logs. But just how much cum can she really handle? Wanna find out? Then hop onto fucked upFacials yesterday and see Reena Sky totally glazed in creamy goo!

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