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Enjoy free video with Nikki Vee from Fucked Up Facials! As summer draws near, things start to heat up and all the little Valley Girls are looking for dates to bring them to the beach. Little Nikki Vee is no exception and she was ready to sneak out of her parent's house to hang out with us. Now, we won't get stuck for hours in 405 traffic for any girl - period. So we pulled the old "forgot the wallet at the house" scam on Nikki and made sure she got all the sunscreen she needed. Nikki Vee

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Nikki Vee Gets Drilled

Nikki Vee is not just a pretty face, as it turns out she’s not just an easy nympho either…she’s an easy flexible slut! If you have never been with a babe that can stretch her leg right behind her head then you are missing out in ways you can never know. So anyway this sleder athletic hottie was going to her apartment’s swimming pool when she got caught by one of the crazy guys from fucked upFacials and somehow he convinced her to come back to his place with him, she didn’t seem to put up much of a fight either! When they got back to his apartment he asked Nikki to flash him her tits, this is when he knew what a total whore she was because she lifted her shirt straight away to show off her delicious perky tits! Then, without even being prompted Nikki stripped out of her shirt snd slid out of her shorts. Her big round ass was just good but nothing compared to the leg over the head trick that Nikki pulled once she’d got naked! The best trick over all though was the way she took buckets of cum to the face! Nikki Vee has to be one of the cutest coed babes you’ll ever lay eyes on, with her sexy short brunette hair and her tight perky titties hidden underneath her tight spaghetti strap tank top. Nikki wasn’t a hard babe to get back to the fucked upFacials studios, she was already drunker than anything and she was walking around the bar showing off her tramp stamp tattoo for everyone who wanted to take a look and when she came over to Paul with her bare back showing he wasn’t about to miss up the chance to get her on camera sucking his fat dick. When they got back to the studio Nikki needed help getting up the stairs but once she walked on to the stage she begged all the guys from the crew to whip out their cocks for her to lick and suck. The guys weren’t about to disappoint but as is tradition Paul went first, taking out his cock and Nikki slid it between her warm wet lips. Massaging his penis shaft with her tongue Nikki begged for a facial and it was then that all of the guys joined in and sprayed her face with a never ending stream of sperm! Nikki Vee has a perky little pair of boobies but there’s something about her that just annoys the hell out of you and she certainly started to annoy the guys over at fucked upFacials, so much that they brought her back to their studio to teach her a lesson…a very messy lesson. The guys ran in to Nikki at one of their college recruiting visits and she was standing there as one of her friends asked questions about doing a shoot, while she stood there Nikki filed her nails and brushed her hair and fixed her makeup….all that annoying crap that girls do and it was really starting to grate on Paul’s nerves so grabbing her hand he took her back to their van and drove her up to the studio. Nikki was more than surprised and had no idea what was going on until they got back to the studio and Paul told her to rip off. Nikki really didn’t want to be in a porno, it wasn’t her “type of activity” but as Paul tugged at her pants she gave in and stripped for him. Paul wasted no time in pushing her back on the sofa before burying his face in her wet pussy and she moaned like there was no tomorrow but the best came when she took gallons of cum to her preppy little face! Nikki Vee is a pretty regular babe but she’s definitely a babe and she’s one of those babes who’s even hotter because she doesn’t know she’s hot. So Paul from fucked upFacials went out to grab some supplies for the office because after a few weeks straight of shooting porno things start to run low around the office – namely coffee and condoms. So as Paul is walking around the aisles looking for some goodies to take back for the next few weeks of porno heaven he sees Nikki walking in front of her and starts to stalk her but the next thing he knows she turns around and asks him what the hell he thinks he’s doing. Paul doesn’t hesitate to tell her what he’s doing and that he thinks she’d be perfect for it, as it turns out Nikki is a pretty kinky chick as well as cute and she’s all up for following Paul back to the studio to star in her first porno! Nikki strips in record time as they get to the office and Paul doesn’t have to coax her to do a thing as she lays on her side and spreads her legs wide to take his fat penis in her pussy!

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