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Enjoy free video with Nadia Styles from Fucked Up Facials! Nadia's a hungry little sex kitten who loves sucking on a huge schlong while her snatch is being pummeled with inches of dickmeat. Of course, all kittens need their milk, so she gets A WHOLE LOT! Kitty's Milking Time

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Nadia Styles has an ass that you wouldn’t believe, an ass that will make your mouth water and an ass that will surely make you sperm as you’re fucking her from behind. Paul over at fucked upFacials noticed Nadia Styles from her big round butt as she was working by the side of the road with a construction crew. To be honest Nadia wasn’t really working with the crew she was just standing there as the crew all took turns watching her big round butt but when Paul walked up and whispered in her ear that he had something to show her she didn’t hesitate to follow him. Back at the Fucked Up Facials studio Paul showed Nadia around and it was then that she knew just exactly what he meant when he told her that he was going to make her famous. It wasn’t that Nadia was a prude but she wasn’t sure exactly what the guys were going to ask her to do for the cam but when Paul reassured her that it wouldn’t be anything crazy she dropped her guard and agreed to play for the camera. You can bet that Nadia wasn’t too happy when she got absolutely drenched in jizz! Just get a load of that massive booty! At first glance, you’d be totally charmed by Nadia’s enormous rack, but she’s also got a really juicy bum that’s just waiting to be humped. But what makes her a purebred slut is how much she loves cum! Yup, she’ll do anything to get loads and loads of the stuff, so after her man dumps a big, fat jizzbomb on her face, she calls in more of his friends to fuck her mouth and bathe her in their spunk. And because you wanna see it happen, I suggest you log on to Fucked Up Facials now to download her full video! There’s no mistaking that silly grin on Nadia’s boyfriend’s mug — she goes on parole yesterday, and he’s about to shaft her cute pussy again after a long time! Well, if Nadia weren’t such a bad hottie then she wouldn’t be in jail and get boned more often, but it’s great that her man has been saving up all his spunk just for her. Wait until he makes up for lost time — he commands her to gobble up his thick meatpole until it’s covered all over in hot spit, then drives it deep into her sex-starved twat. He even slides it up her tight shitter, making her go wild! And when he finally cums, he really cums, covering Nadia’s lovely face with several months’ worth of spicy boner-juice! This slutty cocksucker Nadia is totally nuts for a messy facial that can cover her entire face and more! As you can see she won’t stop munching on her man’s shlong, not until he blows a monster jizzload. Good for her that she snagged a guy who’s got a pair of overloaded balls that produce more than the usual load of cum, so every time they get it on, she ends up sticky, dripping, and totally satisfied! Check out Nadia's video sample here, where she feasts on her man’s stiffie after he’s stuck it deep into her juicy cunt. Her bouncy ass-globes are also something to watch out for as she humps him hard and cums all over his balls. In return, those balls pump out several jets of splooge all over her face! Stick around for more news on the hottest and stickiest cumshot scenes from Fucked Up Facials! See Nadia get her booty humped hard right at Fucked Up Facials!

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