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Morgan Layne Gets Drilled

Morgan Layne is a sweet blonde cheerleader for the local Tech collage team and when the fucked upFacials crew drove by they couldn’t help but try and tempt this sexy blonde in to the van to take back to their apartment for a little fun. Morgan ran over to the van to see what the guys wanted but when they asked her if she’d like a quick fuck in their van she laughed and shrugged telling them “sure.” Little did Morgan know that she’d end up back at their place getting her face totally painted with multiple guy’s sperm! Morgan stripped off her shirt in the back of the van and started teasing her tits, she told them that cheerleading always made her feel horny and them showing up in their van was like a gift from heaven. The guys told her that they’d love to see her cheering but she’d have to come back to their apartment for a real show so there was more room. Being a total nympho Morgan agreed and she showed her real true colors on the way home stroking every guys cock telling them that she’d “fuck that” when she got to their place…she had no idea that they’d get her back with a gallon of man juice in her face! Morgan Layne is a sexy blonde hottie who really gets herself in to trouble most of the time, this tight bodied chick will do anything and everything she’s dared to do. Even when one of her girlfriends dared her to get those trucker girls tattooed on to her stomach Morgan wasn’t about to chicken out, she loves being known as the chick who will do anything and everything she’s asked to do! It’s not like anyone ever minds watching Morgan doing everything she’s told to do; however, because more often than not she ends up with her perky titties or her shaved pussy showing! Take a look at video samples of Morgan when she met up with the guys from fucked upFacials at a local nightclub. The guys watched Morgan as she drank one drink after another and then stripped half naked and started dancing on one of the tables. The crew knew at that point that Morgan was one sexy girl that they couldn’t miss out on her debut in porn so dropping their business card in to the pocket of her tight jeans they went back to the studio to await her call the next day.

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