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Enjoy free video with Mimi Allen from Fucked Up Facials! Mimi is this sweet little morsel we picked up at the park. She was playing with her toy gun when we found her and just like most sluts in the valley she was edging to play with another toy....a toy that was packed neatly in Frankie's pants. As with any valley bred slut we gave her the 1 and the 2 in her tight little teen pussy and shot our huge loads all over her pretty face. Mimi Allen

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Naughty Mimi Allen gets her face covered with creamy man load

Glazing The Chocolate Babe

Mimi Allen is a sexy little ebony nympho who loves to play the innocent college hottie when in reality she is a dirty little whore who can’t get enough! Mimi has an amazing big round ass that you could literally bounce a quarter off and her sweet little perky tits are an added bonus. When Mimi went to meet up with friends at the park to play frisbee she had no idea she was being followed and when she turned around to find one of the guys from fucked upFacials standing behind her she immediately took the offensive. It didn’t take long to calm her down though when he said he thought she was hot and his “friend” had dared him to go talk to her, she thought it was cute so she flashed him a smile and a peek of her yellow g-string. They started talking and the more this nerdy guy talked to her the more sorry she felt for him, as it turned out Mimi has a soft spot for guys that say they don’t have many friends. Mimi ended up back at his apartment and it wasn’t until she arrived that she realized she’d been tricked, her new friend stripped down to show his fat cock and his friend came out of the kitchen with a raging hardon as well! It suddenly dawned on Mimi that she was going to have to suck both dicks before she could leave! Hot ebony hottie Mimi Allen had been talking to one of her pornstar girlfriends about some ideas she had to make some quick cash, you see Mimi was looking to buy a new TV for her apartment and she wanted one of those huge LCD numbers so she needed the money fast and wasn’t willing to do anything labor intensive to earn it. Mimi’s girlfriend told her that she’d just shot a video with the guys from fucked upFacials and made some pretty stunning money from it, Mimi is a dirty little whore who’s up for anything as is so she grabbed the number from her girlfriend and that same evening she called to see when was a good time to arrive. When Mimi showed up for her shoot with the guys she thought she’d tease the hell out of them all while she oiled up her big round ass but just as she rubbed the oil on to her tight ass she felt her shaved pussy getting wetter and wetter and she couldn’t stand it anymore so grabbing hold of Paul she told him to fuck her right then and there! Mimi got a nice sticky cumshot out of it that’s for sure! Dark skinned teen Mimi Allen is a real knob man and when the guys from fucked upFacials showed up at her local college campus she was pushing all the other girls out of the way to get to be first in line! When the guys got to talk to Mimi they knew she’d make the perfect chick for their newest fucked up facial shot, after all she was just begging to do an audition for them right there on campus! When they got back to the Fucked Up Facials studios Mimi couldn’t wait to show off her plump little butt for Paul and he couldn’t wait to get his hands on it! As soon as she felt his hands on her ass she made a grab for Paul’s penis and he wasn’t moving out of the way. Grabbing hold of Paul’s dick Mimi released it from his pants and dropped down to her knees to slide it between her lips. Lubing up his fat dick with her plump lips Mimi then looked up at Paul and begged him to fuck her tight slit. Not being one to disappoint Paul picked Mimi up and threw her on to the couch plowing his dick deep inside her coed pink! Mimi Allen is a sweet ebony hottie with attitude and when one of the guys from the Fucked Up Facials crew showed up outside her college campus looking for new girls to catch on film giving her attitude Mimi made a bet with him. The guy was Cam, one of the camera guys and he was taunting Mimi, telling her he bet her $1,000 that she’d never dare to shoot a movie with his company. At the time Mimi didn’t know what kind of movie it was but she was certain that $1k for anything was totally worth it so she agreed. Back at the Fucked Up Facials studios Mimi walked in and taking a look around she muttered that she suspected as much and just shrugged it off. Cam was pretty surprised that she didn’t freak out and he knew he’d be out $1k but as long as it was his dick that got sucked it was totally worth it. Cam told Mimi that in order to get her money she had to drop to her knees and suck his fat penis. Mimi didn’t bat an eyelid and dropping right to her knees she slid his fat penis deep in to her mouth. Mimi Allen is a smoking hot ebony amateur with a real desire to be the center of attention and it was that desire to be such an attention whore that got her in to trouble in the first place! Mimi was hanging out at one of her favorite bars downtown when they started calling up girls to go and ride the mechanical bull. Mimi had this really flimsy spaghetti strap top on and being as drunk as she was she runs to be first in line to get all the guys horny as they watch her being tossed around by this bull. It didn’t take more than ten seconds for Mimi’s tit to pop out of her top and by this time the guys from fucked upFacials are front and center watching her grinding this bull with her tit bouncing up and down and they knew she was just right for their little project. Mimi wasn’t sure about being in a porno but when the guys told her how much attention it would get her from other guys she decided that the risk of being known as a porno hottie was worth the attention she’d get and she didn’t hesitate to show her big round ass and bend over! Mimi's got a sweet and pretty face, a tight and trim body, and an unbelievably round booty that just asks to be drilled hard! You don’t find a smokin’ hot ebony babe like her every day, so when we found her hanging out at a park, we knew we just had to have all her goodies on camera. And we were spot on with her, ’cause this little tramp turned out to be one terrific lay! We paired her off with one of our half-black bruthas, just ’cause they look so amazing together. And the chick immediately went to town with his meatstick, slobbering all over it from the plum-sized cocktip all the way down to his fat balls. And she got rewarded by having that penis buried in her hot snatch, also balls-deep! But that’s just halfway through the entire episode, because you’ll also find how much jizz this chocolate sista can take, only at Fucked Up Facials! Sexy black filly Mimi is one cum-loving slut who totally enjoys a massive facial after having her tight little twat drilled hard! Whenever she and her boyfriend screw she asks him to blow his load right on her face instead of her pussy, after which she eats it off. And this makes them both horny enough to get to the next round! In this episode, Mimi oils up her meaty ass-globes and watching her do this instantly turns her lover on! Soon he’s got her on all fours with his raging meatstick sliding deep into her cunt tunnel. Listen to her moan and scream with every thrust; by the way she shakes on that rod you can tell that she’s enjoying multiple orgasms! But of course you’d like to see the money shot where she gets her face creamed all over, and you’ll only find out once you grab the video from Fucked Up Facials!

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