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Enjoy free video with Maya Gates from Fucked Up Facials! Maya Gates came to Los Angeles all the way from Romania. Not only is the weather better over here, but we have crazy mutant cocks which can unleash freaky quantities of cum. Now, as it's the case with many foreigners, Maya is fascinated with everything that's "wrong" with America: fast food, private health care, guns, etc. So in exchange for taking our Fucked Up Facials, we took her out to the park, where she practiced her aiming with a toy gun. Maya Gates

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Thereís some sluts that love to suck dick. They canít get enough of having a penis deep inside of her mouth. The more cocks they get the better. One of these penis sluts is Maya Gates. This smoking hot hottie loves to give blowjobs,s he even enjoys facials, but sheís never had a facial like this before. Take a look at video clips of Maya getting a fucked upcumshot. This isnít Mayaís first time sucking multiple cocks at the same time. In fact, itís not even her first time taking on three hard dicks at once. She works them equally, making sure they all get attention from her mouth. It starts out pretty routine for Maya, but itís about to get really interesting. The first guy is ready to cum and he shoots his average size load on her face while Maya keeps working the other two. Soon, the next guy is ready to cum. He literally sprays her face with the most sperm sheís ever seen or felt. Then the next stud comes and itís an even larger explosion of sperm! Maya Gates is one of those drop dead gorgeous women who looks so exotic that you just canít pick a country but sheís exotic enough to make any guys cock rock solid for her perky titties and her shaved slit, especially Paulís! Paaul originally met Maya Gates when she was a few years younger and walking across her college campus. Paul had gone to the local college campus to recruit a few new girls for some nasty cumshot action and when he saw Maya he just knew that he had to have her so he walked over to her and cutting all the bullshit he told her he wanted to film her sucking his cock Ė as it turns out Maya loves a straightforward type of guy and she followed him back to the studio that day. A few years have passed but Maya is still one of Paulís favorites, the way she sucks on his dick until heís ready to explode and the sweetness of her exotic pussy get Paul everytime and there is no apartment heíd rather be than face first in Mayaís pussyÖunless of course itís penis deep in her throat! This isnít the first time that the guys from Fucked Up Facials have seen Maya Gates showing off her good penis sucking talents on camera, in fact Maya has dropped in to the guys studio quite a few times over the past year to get her fix of naughty penis sucking action in! The first time Maya showed up the guys couldnít believe how hot she was and after that everytime she showed up theyíd all fight over who got to stick their dick in her mouth this time, it always ended up with Maya sucking one dick and getting spooged all over by about five! Sexy ebony girl Maya Gates is one gorgeous tight bodied slut of a pornstar who will seriously do just about anything to get her tight pink slit on camera! When Maya heard that the guys from fucked upFacials were in town she jumped at the chance to get on camera no matter what she had to do so she picked up the phone and tried to get a time to drop in and see what she could do on film with the fucked up facials crew. When Maya arrived at the studio she didnít waste any time in flashing her big juicy round butt and Paul could barely keep his dick from exploding on set because it was the biggest butt heíd ever seen! In fact it didnít take long for Paul to get on the set when he had seen Maya teasing her tight pussy. Teasing her tight breasts he whipped out his fat dick and told Maya to suck him off so he could spray her face with his creamy man juice and Maya didnít hesitate to slip his dick between her lips and suck his cock so hard he exploded in record time followed by all the guys on set to make it a truly fucked up facial! See more pounded up facials! Take a look at video clips from Maya Gates latest adventure over at the Fucked Up Facials studios! You would be hard pressed to find another chick as hot as Maya who would do absolutely anything for a face full of sperm! Sucking desperately at Paulís dick she literally begs him to spray his load all over her face and she knows itís coming as soon as he says sure four other guys jump on stage ready to spray their loads as well! Maya revels in the milky cream as it slathers all over her face and she just canít help having a lick or two!

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