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Enjoy free video with Jessica Bangkok from Fucked Up Facials! When Jessica wants to fuck, she really wants to fuck, and that means getting her juiced-up twat filled to the hilt with a huge dong. Watch her bathe in a milky shower of splooge in this nut-draining episode! Cumbath For A Cumslut

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Thrice The Jizz, Thrice The Fun!

Jessica Bangkok is a tight bodied Asian cutie with a real body and taste for sin and the moment that Paul over at Fucked Up Facials noticed her tight body outside the studios he did everything in his strength to convince her to come upstairs. Jessica worked at the dry cleaners downstairs from the studios and she knew full well what went on upstairs and didn’t want to get dragged in to it. Paul made a grab for her plump round ass and whispering in her ear that he could make her a big star he told her to think it over. It wasn’t more than an hour later when Jessica showed up at the Fucked Up Facials studio with a nervous smile on her face. Paul grinned back at her and dragged her in to the studio pointing over to a bed that he’d already set up on a couch on stage. Jessica nervously walked over to them and with a nod from Paul she started to rip off. There was a collective “oohh” when Jessica pulled her legs up and flashed her tight wet pussy for everyone to see and in a second three of the guys were standing in front of her with their cocks out. Jessica Bangkok’s a sizzling half-Asian who started off as a stripper and worked her way into the porn biz. She says her specialty is giving blowjobs, but she’s also always down for a stunning n’ hearty fucking anytime! So here we gave her three stunt dicks to play with, and in return she receives a triple cum facial that practically plasters her eyes shut! Watch this Asian sensation milk our guys’ balls with her hot mouth and even hotter twat. She’s such a fucking lech, she humps them all like it’s her last fuck ever! You can also tell that she’s eager to have her cum rations by the frenzied way she sucks on everyone’s whangs. And what Jessica wants, Jessica gets! This cumbitch and her friends are waiting for you at Fucked Up Facials! See them all yesterday!

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