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Enjoy free video with Dylan Tyler from Fucked Up Facials! Damn it fool, dog ball hair grows so fucking fast man, Frankie spends all his time at the groomer. Lucky for him, Dylan the hot bitch takes care of the pooch. So after dealing with the dog, she can take care of the master. We took Dylan out to the park for some public action, that little piece of ass has no shame. She's the perfect candidate for a fucked up facial! Dylan Tyler

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You wanna talk about a really messed up facial experience, then you absolutely have to check out these hot photos of sexy Dylan Tyler getting sprayed with so much cum that she thought she would drown! This nasty little amateur thought she was being a slutty little nympho when she agreed to suck a strangers cock on camera but she had no idea she’d wind up sucking and fucking four different cocks and getting absolutely slathered in cum…and I do mean slathered! You’ve never seen anything like it! Dylan got snagged by Paul over at fucked upFacials when she was walking to one of her classes on campus. Paul grabbed her and straight out asked her if she was a dirty little slut and if she wanted to make a movie with him, Dylan was a little shocked at first but agreed to do it because she always saw herself as a nasty little nympho. Dylan skipped her class and followed Paul back to the Fucked Up Facials headquarters. Once they were there Dylan wasted no time in dropping to her knees and wrapping her succulent lips around his fat throbbing dick! Little did she know it was going to end up in a total cumfest! Dylan Tyler is a sweet chick, she has that look of innocence about her with her streaked blonde hair but when it comes to the bedroom this chick takes things to a whole new level. Dylan loves cum…she doesn’t just love cum she will do anything to take a curvy creamy load all over her face and lucky for her every guy she’s ever met has always been willing to oblige with a nice bucket of cum all over her perfect little face! Dylan ran in to this guy outside a store in her town, he didn’t look like anything special but she was so horny she just had to find someone to take back to her apartment and treat her to a nice protein facial! She told him that she wasn’t one of those chicks that beats around the bush and that she was horny and really needed a stunning fucking, his mouth literally hit the floor. Before he could say a word Dylan had grabbed his hand and pulled him in to her car. When they got back to her apartment Dylan treated him to a hard penis fucking before getting on her knees and begging for a load of his sticky man juice all over her face! Dylan Tyler is a sexy blonde babe who loves dick and when she was accosted outside her local electronics store by the guys from fucked upFacials and they asked her to suck dick on camera she was so excited the guys thought it was a joke. Dylan told the guys that her lifelong dream was to be a pornstar and she just “knew” that this was the first step in her road to success. The guys thought it was pretty funny because they knew she had no idea what she was in for with their crew but they weren’t about to tell her! Dylan stripped down to her tiny g-string panties when she got back to the Fucked Up Facials studio and while Paul dove head first in to her pink pussy he lulled her in to a false sense of security. Dylan grabbed his head burying it in her wet slit but right as she was about to sperm he pulled away and lifted her on top of his throbbing penis! He intended to have her milk his cock so her could spray her face with his sticky lover juice before all the other guys did as well! Dylan Tyler is a cute coed hottie who just can’t help herself from being a naughty amateur when the mood strikes. Dylan tries to keep her mind occupied in college with extra curricular activities and clubs but no matter what at the end of the day her pussy is always throbbing for cock so when the guys from fucked upFacials showed up on campus scouting for new girls to shoot in their movies she just couldn’t resist volunteering herself for the chance to be in her very own porno. Check out these photos of Dylan Tyler starring in her very own porno! Dylan gets pretty friendly with Paul before he gets acquainted with her, stripping her off so he could bury his face in to her tight musky pussy. Just the feel of his breath against her pussy makes her juices flow and dropping to her knees she buries her face in his denim covered dick. Paul, not one to miss out on a blowjob drops his jeans and slides his fat throbbing penis between her soft warm lips. Dylan runs her tongue up and down his shaft before running it over his balls. Dylan’s tight slit gets so wet that she feels her slick lips rubbing together as she sucks and licks! Dylan Tyler is that hottie that you see walking down the street with a trail of guys following her just hoping that she’ll spit her gum on the sidewalk so they can pick it up. She’s just fucking hot and best of all she’s willing to rip it all off for the camera so everyone can get a peek of those perky little titties and that big round ass of hers! You want to talk about a hot babe with a massive round butt then you are definitely talking about Dylan Tyler! Dylan was hanging out at her favorite coffee shop last week when one of the crew from fucked upFacials was doing the coffee run for the entire crew. As he was waiting for the order to come up he started chatting with Dylan, trying to convince her to come back to the office with him. Dylan asked what it was he did and when he refused to tell her she became intrigued and agreed to go back with him just for a little bit. When they finally got back to the studio Dylan couldn’t stop herself from doing a striptease as she “pretended” to be in one of their movies…little did she know that the cameras were really rolling! A babe with a face as sweet as Dylan Tyler is simply begs to be covered in loads and loads of hot and milky dick juice! She looks as innocent as any virgin, but you’re about to discover how cock-hungry her cute pussy really is. This is one babe who won’t quit fucking her man until she gets at least one shot of sperm down her throat or on her face, so just to make sure she’s satisfied, we’re blasting her with FOUR steaming jizzbombs! At first it was tempting to make her drink our friends’ spunk, but at the last minute we decided that she’d look much better if her entire face plus her perky breasts got drenched instead. Either way, she’s gonna enjoy it because like we told you, she is a certified cock-craving bitch! The sexiest girls always end up looking prettier after our facial makeonvers at Fucked Up Facials!

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