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Enjoy free video with Crissy Moon from Fucked Up Facials! Talk about a bummer. After a hard night of partying, Crissy's Mom laid down the law: she can't leave the house before the dishes are done. Now, that horny bitch promised she would kick it with Fucked Up Facials today - and we won't be denied. We dispatched the team over to help Crissy out with her chores. Helping out doesn't mean doing all the work, though, and Crissy had to get down on all fours and polish some knobs. Crissy Moon

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Crissy Moon is always up for a little fun and when the guys from fucked upFacials invited her back to their apartment for a little fun she was all in for it although she may have decided it was a bad idea when she ended up choking on the massive loads of jizz that the guys ended up spraying all over her pretty little face! Crissy met the guys at her local movie rental store in the back room (you know the one I’m talking about) and they suggested she come back to their place to make a movie of their own. Crissy didn’t hesitate and within minutes they were headed back to the studio. Crissy didn’t waste anytime showing off her plump round ass when she got back to the studio, she even stripped off to flash her tiny perky little tits. Her mouth was what the guys were really interested in though and when one of the guys came forward with his fat cock hanging out Crissy latched on and started sucking! After a lot of dick and pussy teasing Crissy ended up eye to eye with four big cocks that wanted to spray her sweet face with sticky masses of cum! Crissy Moon had always wanted to be an actress and she was willing to do absolutely anything to make it in to Hollywood. When one of Crissy’s friends told her about a local party where one of the hottest talent agencies was supposed to be scouting for talent you can bet that Crissy wanted to go and see if she could get noticed. Knowing the guys over at fucked upFacials you know that they were all there waiting to catch their newest slut talent as well. The perfect opportunity opened up for the guys when the talent scout told Crissy that she wasn’t what they were looking for, the guys swooped in to offer Crissy the support she needed and just a little something extra as well! Crissy was more than willing to get captured on film but the guys at Fucked Up Facials had a different type of movie in store for Crissy! Crissy didn’t blink twice when the guys brought her back to the studio to start her new movie career and she realized it was an adult studio, it turns out there was nothing Crissy wasn’t willing to do to get in to show business! Slutty brunette hottie Crissy Moon is a hell of a looker and she is always happy to bend over and take a penis in her ass which is what drew the guys from fucked upFacials to her in the first place. Crissy was out at the club drinking with her girlfriends and they started to get a little rowdy talking about how crazy they got in the bedroom. Crissy tried to top all her girlfriends as they were screaming about the naughtiest things they’d ever done and screaming at the top of her lungs Crissy shouted to her girlfriends that she loved taking dick up her butt. The whole world seemed to stop for that moment but the guys from Fucked up Facials ran over to her immediately. When Crissy got back to the studios with the crew she didn’t hesitate to drop her panties and show off her big round butt, expecting one of the guys to walk up behind her and shove his dick in her ass she was surprised when she felt a dick in her tight slit instead. Crissy loved to feel an anonymous cock inside her from behind and pushing back against his penis she felt him almost splitting her in two. Wow! Have you ever seen a pussy as plump and juicy as Crissy’s? No wonder the guy she’s fucking wants to go on banging her nonstop. And this nympho isn’t content to be plugged with just one cock, here she actually takes on four! That’s right, she screws one well-hung fucker then sucks off four more of his buddies. If there ever were a poster hottie for the term ‘cum-hungry,’ Crissy would be it! She really makes good use of her mouth and tight cunt to milk her studs, and because she’s worked so damn hard, she gets rewarded with glob after glob of curvy and milky dick-yogurt! What do you do when a smokin’ hawt babe is way too hot to trot? Cool her down with a sticky jizz bath! That’s what we did when Crissy screwed one of our boys for our cameras. She toyed with his cock then rode it hard, and after he blasted her face with a generous amount of baby batter, she still wanted more jizz! So we called out three more of our boys to stuff their long shlongs down her throat, after which they literally doused her face and boobies in a messy sperm bath. With all of that sperm to lick clean, it looks like Vicki could actually skip lunch! This sexy li’l cheesecake’s name is Crissy, and today’s she’s getting bathed in dick-icing! She’s such a perky little slut who’s always up for a good fuck, so when we brought out our stunt cock she practically jumped him. But riding his big, fat shlong still wasn’t enough for her so we brought three more guys for her to suck off so they could coat her in cum. And boy, does the bitch get glazed! You ought to see her suck on our guy’s woody — she teases the head inside her mouth, then trails her hot tongue down the shaft. After it’s dripping with her saliva, she moves down south to lick and suck on his heavy balls one at a time, so by then you can be sure that the lucky guy’s just about ready to burst! But just as he’s about to sperm, she stops sucking and rests a little before impaling her juicy snatch on his pole. You better believe we’ve got an insanely horny tramp in here, and she’s waiting for you to watch her get creamed at Fucked Up Facials! If you love seeing gorgeous slutbags drenched in hot sperm after getting nailed, then visit Fucked Up Facials! Why stick with only free pics when you can enjoy the whole x-rated movie and more?

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