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Enjoy free video with Carmella Santiago from Fucked Up Facials! Carmella is a hot Puerto Rican teen with the Catholic Schoolgirl Syndrome. Growing up in a strict religious home, she grew up to and only wanted to do one thing...rebel and what better way to rebel than to sign up for a Fucked Up Facial. We picked her up from school and Frankie loosened her up a bit before we unleashed those monster facials all over her pretty little face. Carmella Santiago

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Carmella The Spunk Eater

Carmela Santiago is a sexy Latina girl with a huge round ass, she’s a student at the local community college. Being a total nympho and trying to pick up a little cock action on her way to class Carmela made sure to wear her shortest skirt so she could flash her panties. As it happened a horndog was walking by her looking for a good fuck and running over to her he lifted her skirt to get a peek at her panties! Carmela acted pissed off but he knew she was secretly turned on because of the growing wet spot on her cotton panties. Carmela invited him back to her apartment for a little fun, only an idiot would have said no. When they got back to her place Carmela wasted no time stripping down to her bra and panties. She peeled her tight cotton panties down to her thighs flashing her new fuck buddy her bare caramel pussy. His dick was hard as soon as he caught a glimpse of her big round ass and he knew that Carmela was in for more than she’d bargained for when he slid his throbbing penis in to her tight pussy! Just as he was fucking her silly three of his friends burst in the door with their cock’s in hand and started jerking off on her face! Carmela sure wasn’t expecting to get such a massive shower of sperm! Carmella Santiago is a gorgeous ethnic babe who loves to tease dick and since she’s a poor college student she’s always looking for new ways to make money as well so when the guys from fucked upFacials showed up looking for new girls to shoot with cash in hand Carmella decided that she was going to make herself in to a pornstar! Carmella already dressed like a total nympho always looking for guys to hit on her so when she showed up for the shoot in her tiny schoolgirl skirt the guys knew she was up for fun! When Carmella showed up the guys told her to turn them on, no more instruction other than to turn them on but Carmella knew exactly what to do. Lifting up her skirt Carmella flashed her cotton panties before slipping her skirt down to her ankles and she wasted no time in getting on all fours and peeling off her tight panties to show off her big juicy round ass. After teasing her round ass for a few minutes Paul was ready to go and getting up on stage with Carmella he shoved his throbbing penis down her throat! Carmella Santiago is a sexy Latina amateur with a huge round ass and all the right curves in all the right places and she isn’t shy when it comes to showing them off for the camera! Carmella was up for anything when the crew from Fucked Up Facials showed up on campus and she was the first on their list of new girls to catch on film! Check out these clips of Carmella once she got back to the Fucked Up Facials studio. Carmella had taken extra time to make sure that her makeup was just perfect for the camera – she’d obviously never seen any fucked up facial movies before because all that makeup would be dripping off her face in just about an hour! Carmella walked in to the studio with her sexy hips waving back and forth and Paul was the first one on set with his dick out and waiting for Carmella’s plump lips. As Carmella wrapped her dick sucking lips around his throbbing penis she looked up at Paul with those big brown eyes and shoved his whole cock shaft down her throat until she gagged! It wasn’t long after watching her gag on his cock that Paul spread her pussy lips and squeezed his huge dick in to her tight pussy! Carmella’s just 18 but she’s already known around the town as the next human Hoover. The little slutbag’s always ready to go with the next hot guy who wants to fuck her, and she’ll take his cock any way he wants her to! But what makes fucking her really memorable is how good she is at sucking cock and how much she loves getting her face smeared with curvy globs of hot semen. Here she gets picked up by one of the guys from the football team, where they wind up screwing like dogs in her place. Just as the dude’s about to blast his jizz inside her pussy, she asks him to pull out so she can eat his jizz instead. But he’s got other plans, and had some of his buddies waiting outside to pounce on the unwitting nympho! She’s so horny though, and soon she’s enjoying the circle facefuck she’s getting, and is finally rewarded with an enormous cum-shower!

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