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Enjoy free video with Britney Amber from Fucked Up Facials! Frank met Amber at the mall one day. Instead of going out for a date he decides to bring her to the FuckedUpFacials studio instead! See her pussy take on a pounding and watch her face get fully covered with hot gooey loads! Britney Amber

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Britney Amber Fucking Penis

Britney Amber is a hot little blonde with a tight body and a real sense for adventure. Looking for something a little different than the usual chick who shows up at their studios the guys from fucked upFacials decided to go to one of those extreme sports events and see what they could dig up in terms of dirty little whores who wanted to get their faces blasted with jizz on camera! As it turns out one of the ring girls started chatting to the guys as they sat up front and it didn’t take long for her to agree to an audition at her chance of being “famous.” Britney showed up at the Fucked Up Facials studios the next day with her makeup done perfectly and her pretty little smile gleaming, the guys all chuckled knowing that soon both of those things would be sliding down her face after she got lathered up in mega tons of cum! Britney was a pretty amazing sport for the camera actually and watching her slide that massive dick in to her tight pink slit is enough to make any guy want to spooge on her face but this guy actually did and man did she get showered!

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