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Enjoy free video with Alexa Jordan from Fucked Up Facials! Guys, as counter-intuitive as this may sound, dogs are great to get to pussy. Not pussycats, cuz they're scared of dogs and full of fleas, but pussy - poonan. Women like to cuddle cute furry things - that's why many have "experiences" in college, but anyways. Alexa Jordan was supposed to walk her dog with us, but the bitch (as in female dog, not female performer) ran away. So we brought Alexa over the office to make lost dog posters. We even offered her the glue to stick them all over town... Alexa Jordan

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Alexa Jordan is that hottie that you see walking down the street with all her girlfriends and you brag to all your friends about the things you’d like to do to her but at the back of your mind you think she’d never be interested in a guy like you…well the thing about Alexa Jordan is that she is such a nympho she’ll do anything for dick that she can! When Alexa read an article in her boyfriends porno mag that the crew from fucked upFacials was coming to town she snuck out to see if she could become a porn star but most of all to see if she could wrap her lips around a strangers penis! When Alexa showed up for the screening interview the guys from Fucked Up Facials didn’t even interview her they simply told her that she was in and to go in to the back to prep for her “initiation video.” Alexa couldn’t contain herself, she didn’t know if it was the concept of sneaking around to suck penis, the possibility of becoming a pornstar or simply the horniness of wrapping her lips around dick but she did know that she was aching to show off her dick sucking talent! Alexa’s a greedy slut who just can’t have enough dickmeat in her chomper! She has her puffy twat filled with inches and inches of throbbing man-sausage, pumping deeper and deeper until she cums. But she doesn’t stop there — she goes on sliding her hot fuck-tunnel on her man’s shaft because she wants his spunk! Looks like Alexa still needs more cum, though. After getting her face splattered with dick-milk, she still wants more! So we bring out three more dudes to fuck her face with their monster logs, and she can’t quite decide on which one of them to blow first! But it doesn’t matter whom this bitch sucks first, because in the end, she gets covered in layers of thick sperm that practically plasters her eyes shut.

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